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It is fantastic to be the owner of a building or an apartment.

You worked hard to achieve it. We’d like to help you look after this property. That’s why I started thinking: what can we do to make you happy? What can you expect from us?

Our response is: we will assume responsibility and look after the building as though it were our own. We will provide answers and solutions – our mission is to solve problems, not to endure them. Our own experienced engineer and our technology department offer you specialist expertise concerning the restoration and maintenance of your property.

We are here for you. Any time you need us.
Our online access portal “Homecase" ensures that you are always up to date, wherever you are.

And even if something occasionally fails to go perfectly, our motto is: Those who stop improving stop being good.

We call that 360° service.

Tenant services

Your tenants are our tenants.

Approximately 85% of Berlin’s apartments are let. Without our tenants,
we probably wouldn’t exist. We are always mindful
of this fact and treat our tenants with kindness and respect.

We will look after your rental properties and act as managing agent for your rental apartments. Berlin is
a great city to live in. We want it to stay that way.

Care & Maintenance

Even the most beautiful building can leave us feeling dispirited if it’s poorly kept.

Even the most beautiful building can leave us feeling dispirited if it’s poorly kept. Defective bulbs, fading stair carpets and loose roof panels breach health and safety regulations and can result in serious liability issues. Unkempt gardens and a poor winter service can cause hard feelings.

We believe that comprehensive and continual maintenance and excellent care are absolutely crucial to ensuring that both owners and tenants are completely satisfied. In 1997, I founded the subsidiary Picobello Facility Management. 40 caretakers, cleaners, gardeners and tradespersons ensure that buildings are properly maintained and routinely represent our company locally. Using up-to-date facility management software allows us to quickly forward and remedy any issues relating to faults or defects.

Immaculate buildings require not only excellent management but also many hard-working helpers.

Your wish is our command.

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